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FUE Hairtransplant

in Istanbul / Turkey

All-inclusive-carefree packages

up to 5.000 Grafts starting at 

GBP 1.790

Our service package

includes exclusively for you:


  • Painless hair transplant (optional under sedation)

  • Autologous blood treatment

  • Pre- and post-examination

  • Blood analysis and other tests

  • All medication required for pre- and post-treatment

  • Shampoo and lotion

  • Transfer (including all necessary transfers)

  • Hotel

  • Care in your Language

The treatment procedure
  • Provide us photos of your current hair situation in advance via Whatsapp at:


+49 172 85 888 84


  • You will then receive a non-binding offer from us including hotel / transfer / surgery


  • We will organize the transfer and the hotel on your desired date. A Top service from a single source


BEMEDICS - your partner for professional, guarantee-certified Hairtransplantation in Turkey

FUE Hairtransplant in Düsseldorf - Germany

up to 5,000 Grafts starting at

GBP 4.250

If you prefer your treatment in Germany,

without traveling, we can also offer

you the same procedure in Düsseldorf.

Get in touch with us if you would like to be treated qualitatively at the highest level on favorable terms.


Team Dr.Hollenbach on behalf of Bemedics - Now in Germany on favorable terms ...

The Exclusive Hair Clinic in Istanbul

Now pain-free FUE Hairtransplantation under Sedation
The Exclusive Hair Clinic in Istanbul
Now pain-free FUE Hairtransplantation under Sedation

All-inclusive carefree packages starting at GBP 1.790

BEMEDICS - your partner for professional, guarantee-certified Hairtransplant in Turkey with Hairtrans24

Hair transplant methods

The FUE method is the newest hair transplant technique, not only in Turkey, but also all over the rest world.

Why a hair transplant
at Bemedics

High quality service with great results and pleasant prices

Top clinics and doctors with many years of experience

Your hair transplant will take place out in one of the most modern equipped clinics in Istanbul with the latest technology.

Your Hair Clinic in Istanbul

Your costumer service team

Whatsapp instant analysis

Send us your photos via Whatsapp

We will send a free of charge analysis

Please let us know where you'd like to be treated:

Germany or Istanbul?

Please provide us with pictures of the following angles:


1x from above (skull)

1x from the front (forehead / face)

1x from the side (one temple left or right)

1x from behind (neck / back of the head area

Important - shows the donor area)

We are experts in hair transplantation, request a free analysis now
Fill out the form below and you will receive your individual offer within the next24 hours

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