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The right hair care after a Hairtransplantation

Proper care after the hair transplantation plays an important role in the healing process, the growth of the hair follicles and ultimately for an all-round satisfactory result - healthy and strong hair.


With subsequent care products, hair formation is stimulated and the growth phase is extended. The hair growth is stimulated sustainably.

divoque Shampoo

The hair care products can also help with hair loss!

divoque shampoo

With our high quality products you get hair care products that can help against hair loss. Handpicked premium ingredients, valuable vitamins and hair growth promoting agents that strengthen your hair sustainably!

Proper care after the Hairtransplant

divoque biotin tabletten
Procapil Serum

Due to the special nutrient combination of various minerals, the products provide your hair with important ingredients that nourish your hair roots and can successfully combat hair loss.

These products contain biotin. Vitamin B7, which is essential for hair growth, is abundantly contained, which guarantees stronger hair roots. A deficiency in biotin can lead to hair loss. Unlike normal hair care products, the products fight the problem at their root. Stronger, vitalized hair follicles produce more dense and naturally shinier hair.

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