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Hairtransplant Women

Fuller Hair for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance
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Hairtransplant for Women

Full, thick hair is the common beauty ideal. But what happens when the natural hair growth stops due to various triggers or is negatively influenced by injuries or surgical interventions? Hair loss in particular gnaws at the self-confidence of many women, because hair means beauty.


30% of all women worldwide suffer from hair loss. There can be many reasons for this: stress, hormonal changes or hereditary factors. In many cases, a hair transplant is the only effective form of treatment to lastingly thicken hair on the head, eyebrows or eyelashes.

Erfahrung Haartransplantation
Fuller Hair for an aesthetically pleasing appearance

In any case, women can also undergo a hair transplantation. Prerequisite for this: The confirmed diagnosis for the presence of androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss, AGA).


However, if you do not suffer from hair loss at all and, for example, “only” want to convert a forehead that is too high by reducing the hairline using a hair transplant, then this is of course also an option. Women can not only achieve more hair volume through a hair transplantation, but they also have the advantage that the status of being completely bald does not usually occur and therefore, in most cases, significantly higher densities can be achieved.


Eyebrows are very expressive. A lasciviously raised eyebrow is a sign of mutual sympathy. This motif is used in many photographs and films, but is also used in reality. One thing is certain: aesthetically shaped eyebrows give the face contour and expression.


The eyebrow hair, like the scalp hair, has a growth phase and a resting phase. In many cases, plucking of the eyebrow hairs, skin diseases such as pelade, permanent make-up, chemotherapy, etc. lead to deformation or loss of the eyebrow hairs. Once the aforementioned causes are eliminated, the eyebrow hairs that have fallen out usually grow back within a year. Eyebrow hair that no longer grows back can be replaced with a transplant.

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