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Treatment method FUE Hairtransplant

beste klinik haartransplantation türkei
FUE Hairtransplant

The FUE method is the newest hair transplant technique not only in Turkey but also all over the world. The hair roots are separated from the donor area, removed and then planted in the problem area.


Will be in this way a very natural result achieved. The FUE treatment used in a hair transplant is currently the most modern and innovative method. The difference to the FUT treatment is that the grafts are removed directly from the hair root in the skin. Since no lancet or scalpel is used for the removal, there are no large visible scars at these points. So you can see full hair growth within a short time. However, both techniques use the same implantation, the only difference being in the removal of the grafts. Both methods of hair transplantation ultimately lead to the desired success.

haartransplantation türkei empfehlung
Robotized FUE Hairtransplant

Our clinics work with special made extraction needles, the size of which depends on the size of the graft to be extracted. The equipment and materials used are decisive for the result of the treatment. Better removal of the hair roots and a high quality transplant can only be done with the right instruments. The clinic uses specially adapted instruments for each hair type.


Education and openness about possible risks is our top priority.

Every intervention involves risks. Even if the hair transplant only takes place in the uppermost layers of the skin, deep injuries are excluded, information about risks and side effects will come first.

We therefore ask about your (previous) illnesses, habits, possible allergies and peculiarities that you may have experienced at the dentist or other previous treatments with a doctor in the medical consultation. This then results in the assessment of your specific risk, which will be explained to you in detail in the personal consultation.

Phases of FUE treatment:

All hair will be shortened to 1-4 mm before the hair transplant

The hair removal points are locally anesthetized

Now the hair roots will be removed

The removed hair roots are then surgically implanted

PRP Behandlung
Stemcell therapy for Hairloss

This type of therapy not only promises a youthful complexion, but primarily again full hair, without any surgical intervention and completely free of side effects. The only requirement, no bald head!


Scientists have found cells in the human body called stem cells. These cells can take on any form and function of any cell in the human body. The stem cells repair all wounds and malfunctions in the human body. Autologous Conditioned Plasma is an autologous blood treatment, so the body's own cells are used. It is removed from the patient and added back to the patient. After it has been injected, you usually get thicker, denser and healthier hair. The hair growth is also positively influenced, especially on the top and back of the head.


Approximately 15-20 milliliters of blood are taken from the patient. With the help of a special rain kit, the blood drawn is centrifuged, heated for sterilization and cooled in an ice water bath. The viscous gel, which contains the body's own active ingredients such as growth factors, plasma and thrombin, is the finished result.

haartransplantation türkei beste klinik

Your new Look is only a blink of an eye away ...

We carry out the operative interventions as less stressful as possible. In many cases, local anesthesia is sufficient for the procedure.


In the case of sensitive or anxious patients or complex operations, the procedure can also be carried out in twilight sleep (sedation) or under general anesthesia.


Sedation creates a strong calming effect. You are relaxed and relaxed. The combination of calming down and eliminating pain has the advantage that it is less time-consuming than general anesthesia and the associated disorders and possible risks are avoided. General anesthesia can be helpful for extensive procedures. You will be looked after by our experienced anesthetist during the entire procedure.

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